Re-Making McCahill Drive

Most of us would have had more than a second thought about investing in a property like McCahill Drive, after touring its grounds.  While this project would have proved daunting to most, the team of Roberts Real Estate and Roberts Construction saw past the dim and dingy interior of the home and were confident that they could create a modern, clean, welcoming space for today’s family needs.  Sometimes simply removing debris and trash from a property can reveal a better vision for it’s future.  While this whole-house renovation was more of an involved work-zone for the team than others in the past, the results we dramatic.

A Glimpse from Start to Finish…

Plainly stated, the difference between these before and after photos is stark.  It’s not hard to understand why this home needed so much work.  The results speak for themselves, as the craftsmanship and quality of the final product is easily recognized, especially after removing old carpet, trash, and worn materials and replacing many cabinets, windows, and doors.

First Step: Trash and Debris Removal

Once the exterior is clean, repairs make this home much more appealing.

Dumpster Ready: Once the debris was removed, the real work began.

Natural light filters in from the French doors leading to a newly refinished deck.

This view of the dining room shows the dark space before work started.

Views of the lush landscape can now be seen from the windows.

The wear and tear are highly visible in the carpet and walls of this bedroom and hallway.

After the walls were repaired and painted, new carpet and and other fixes made this a new space.

A dark floor can result in a dark and dingy space.

Replacing the doors and providing a lighter tone for the floor make this room more inviting.

See the Project in Action…

Watch the video and see how the project unfolded as work started with an empty, dingy property and was transformed into a light-filled, home ready for it’s next generation of owners.