A Home-Buyer's Checklist


HouseInHandSo you’ve decided to start looking for a new home.  Where do you start?  It’s important to get your planning process under control at the beginning stages.  We can conduct a more targeted home search if we have a clear idea of your preferences.  We’ll also need to know the length of time you plan to live in the home, so we can keep you informed about growth trends and projections that could affect your investment. The kind of house, as well as where you buy your home not only affects the home’s current and future value,  it also affects your lifestyle.

Here’s a “starter” checklist of items for you to consider.  Let us know how you rank these items, so we know what’s important to you.  For additional, detailed information, click on these links: Eight Steps to Buying Your Home and Creating Your Home Wishlist.

A Home-Buyer’s “Starter” Checklist


Type of neighborhood, urban, suburban or rural: __________________________________

Commute time to your office: _______________________________________________________

School districts (if applicable): _______________________________________________________

Desirable neighborhoods: ___________________________________________________________

Proximity to the airport: _____________________________________________________________

Proximity to restaurants and retail: _________________________________________________

Access to major highways & thoroughfares: ________________________________________

Access to public transportation: _____________________________________________________

Health care facilities: _________________________________________________________________

Parks and recreation: ________________________________________________________________